Delicious Nutella!

Buenas tardes,

Its Saturday and maybe you also just had a nice big weekend breakfast!? 


If yes, I bet Nutella was part of it and made it special!

Nutella is the protagonist of many breakfasts all over the world, it has been spread and marketed successfully and is the world’s most famous hazelnut chocolate cream.


People love Nutella, not only with bread but its fans create frequently many delicious recipes.

Chocolate-Nutella-Cupcakes-3-3I would pronounce Nutella a Lovemark! Of course there are other chocolate creams that try to gain market share, differentiate or that try to follow- but Nutellea is the one and only!

Don’t you think?


The Happiness Company

Coca Cola: One of the most famous and profitable brands in the world. With its secrete formula and with its core value happiness, the company created not only a product that is known all over the world but also a feeling that people share internationally. Coca Cola’s client are unconditionally loyal, which is reflected every year in the company’s income statement.


This is only one out of many examples: With Guerilla Marketing actions like the The Friendship Machine, Coca-Cola generates Word of Mouth in blogs and social networks and maintains its image of spreading happiness.