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Hey guys! Meanwhile I finished my Master’s Thesis and I am back in Germany!

Over the summer I realised that I took some really nice pictures of my daily and party outfits and I decided to start a new blog for all the people that want to get inspired for their own styles and outfits.

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Desigual-It’s not the same


“Daring to be different”
The Spanish retailer Desigual makes no apologies for being unique

Today I am writing about a brand I personally don’t like: The Spanish apparel brand Desigual from Barcelona.

But Desigual is definitely different and also a brand that polarises.

It stands for uniqueness, this is why people are willing to pay more! Most Desigual fashion is casual such as Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, underwear and accessories but the attention attracting bright design and colour is recognized at the first glance all over Europe.

On of the brands strategies reveals that basics do not exist.

Desigual creates around 1500 new designs every year that are represented in dark stores with loud music and colourful equipment.

The innovative campaigns  like their offering of huge discounts to customer, who show up in the stores in their underwear are legendary.
In my opinion, the Desigual is overpriced not only in the monetary sense but also in the sense of the price you pay in terms of being out of fashion. I love fashion and I am not following every trend because I think fashion should highlight someone’s beauty. Desigual with its cartoon prints and its unfavourable designs does definitely not support the natural beauty. Unfortunately, I never saw somebody looking favourable in Desigual.
I am sure all of you know Desigual, what do you think? Is it a potential lovemark or just for people that try too hard to be different?