Berlin, A Lovemark that has been looking for freedom!

My trip to Berlin inspired me and let me realise that Berlin is the one big German Lovemark!

Every German is proud of our capital and it is a place full of promises and aspirations-Berlin is magical in a down-to-earth way not only for Germans, but for Cosmopolitans from all over the world!

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I <3 NYC


New York City is a legend…the most famous city of the world that represents the American Dream: Because in New York, nothing seems impossible! Here it seems, you can reinvent yourself and make your dreams come true. “From a dishwasher to millionaire!” Everybody can make it in the city of endless opportunities. 

I personally, have never been there, but it is a place that stands definitely on my bucket list! A city I really want to see before I die! And even though I have never been their, I feel familiar with this great place. Not at least because there are endless songs, series and movies, stories and legends, that have NYC as protagonists.

New York is a Lovemark! Yes, even places, cities and countries can be Lovemarks, and NYC does great in advertising itself: Everybody knows the famous I ❤ NYC T-shirt, the baseball cap, the hoodies, cups,… And meanwhile almost every city in the world has followed and launched its own I ❤ XXX merchandise. People love the “I love XXX” concept!

Great job, New York!

Now, bloggers and followers, its YOUR turn: I am wondering if there any other places  you would love mark?

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