The Beatles- All you need is Love


The Beatles are a phenomena! Their music never gets out of fashion and endless covers are played every day in radios, music channels, concerts and playlists. They are legends, icons and a Lovemark!

But what makes the Beatles so loveable?

They were four nice guys from next door with charisma and most importantly, that played simply awesome music. If you ever tried to play a Beatles song by your own, you will notice that most of them are four-chord songs and not too hard to play. But the simplicity and catchiness of their songs, is what makes the Beatles geniuses!

Considering the Beatles a Lovemark and analysing their secret recipe made me notice one important factor that differentiate Lovemarks from brands: They go with the time and reinvent themselves constantly new!

The Beatles definitely did this and are still doing it! Not only the music developed but also the outfits, the messages and the personalities of the group members. Its an organic process to grow with your challenges and to adapt to the changing environment you are living in. A Lovemark should never miss to do so. It is important to remember the roots but it is essential to go with time and recognise that you cannot stop the world from changing.

So I can conclude that one of the Lovemark secrets lies in the ability to adapt and to reinvent oneself but at the same time remaining loyal to one’s roots, values and principles. 

sgt pepper