AVEDA-The Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

Today I am going to introduce Aveda to you, a selective beauty brand that is a great example for a Lovemark:

Aveda’s products are based on the traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine, that treats not only the outside of your body but also appeals to all of your senses and your soul.

Natural ingredients of an outstanding quality provide a unique hair care/style, skin, cosmetic and lifestyle products. And the promise of treating the environment sustainably by using 100% windpower and recycled packaging make it also a green brand.

The exotic components and scents create mystery and an exciting product experience just like a Lovemark would do.

With Aveda you can not only care for yourself but also for the world we live in!


Delicious Nutella!

Buenas tardes,

Its Saturday and maybe you also just had a nice big weekend breakfast!? 


If yes, I bet Nutella was part of it and made it special!

Nutella is the protagonist of many breakfasts all over the world, it has been spread and marketed successfully and is the world’s most famous hazelnut chocolate cream.


People love Nutella, not only with bread but its fans create frequently many delicious recipes.

Chocolate-Nutella-Cupcakes-3-3I would pronounce Nutella a Lovemark! Of course there are other chocolate creams that try to gain market share, differentiate or that try to follow- but Nutellea is the one and only!

Don’t you think?

Berlin, A Lovemark that has been looking for freedom!

My trip to Berlin inspired me and let me realise that Berlin is the one big German Lovemark!

Every German is proud of our capital and it is a place full of promises and aspirations-Berlin is magical in a down-to-earth way not only for Germans, but for Cosmopolitans from all over the world!

IMG_0057 IMG_0103 Berlin Nightlife, LovemarketingIMG_0082IMG_0075IMG_0059Berlin, Lovemarketing,

Desigual-It’s not the same


“Daring to be different”
The Spanish retailer Desigual makes no apologies for being unique

Today I am writing about a brand I personally don’t like: The Spanish apparel brand Desigual from Barcelona.

But Desigual is definitely different and also a brand that polarises.

It stands for uniqueness, this is why people are willing to pay more! Most Desigual fashion is casual such as Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, underwear and accessories but the attention attracting bright design and colour is recognized at the first glance all over Europe.

On of the brands strategies reveals that basics do not exist.

Desigual creates around 1500 new designs every year that are represented in dark stores with loud music and colourful equipment.

The innovative campaigns  like their offering of huge discounts to customer, who show up in the stores in their underwear are legendary.
In my opinion, the Desigual is overpriced not only in the monetary sense but also in the sense of the price you pay in terms of being out of fashion. I love fashion and I am not following every trend because I think fashion should highlight someone’s beauty. Desigual with its cartoon prints and its unfavourable designs does definitely not support the natural beauty. Unfortunately, I never saw somebody looking favourable in Desigual.
I am sure all of you know Desigual, what do you think? Is it a potential lovemark or just for people that try too hard to be different?

NIKE- just love it.

Nike_Futbol_2012Nike ad celebrating Mo Farah Olympic winsKobe___Nike_Ad_by_tooldesigns-lvbkgd


Nike Is There With Me

Makes Me Faster And Better

Wear Them All The Time

Nike Always Does It For Me

Light, Comfortable, Cool

Nike From Top To Toe

Nike Taught Me To ‘Just Do It’

This is how Nike makes is customers feel! The honestly love the brand! Nike convinces with its outstanding quality and its communication about the game that you are about to do!

Nike stands for Basketball, Soccer, Running, Athletics, Golf…Nike is capturing more and more sports market share and they can do it because it is a real Lovemark. Supported by famous sportsmen Nike is even more irresistible.

But what makes Nike different from its strongest competitor Adidas?

For me its the feeling Nike gives you: Nike manages it to merge sports and fashion, that is very important mostly for its female customer. But Nike goes further: With the customisation option NikeID, the Nike+ iPod feature and the dedication of the company to design products that are useful from the point of view of the customer, it creates an unbeatable competitive advantage towards Adidas.

What do you think, Nike or Adidas? Share your experience with me and VOTE here!

Ray-Ban- I cannot live without it!

Ohne meine Ray-Ban, kann ich nicht mehr leben!


This is German and says “I cannot live without my Ray-Ban” and it rimes:)

I just love my Ray-Bans, so far I got two of them but I want more!!

To be honest, I was not only that convinced! When I was a teen I used to wear super cheap fake eye-wear or H&M models. They were ok and I did not have to worry if I broke them, but then came the day when I tried a pair of “real” shades, those that cost you more but that have a solid frame and good quality glasses that improve your sight and protect your eyes. From this moment on, I could never go back! It is just irresponsible to expose your eyes to sunlight without UV-protection. The extra money you invest for real shades that hold for a life-time, is worth it!

Ok, there are a lot of sunglass- designers and brands, but only Ray-Ban is THE eye-wear brand! It is a Lovemark!

Ray-Ban is iconic, and their secret is excellent quality paired with timeless design and a touch of coolness. The design is so genuine that it is almost impossible to find somebody that cannot wear Ray-Ban’s.

That’s what Ray-Ban’s customers value. For generations. There is nothing cooler than getting an old wayfarer or iconic pilot shades from someone’s father or grandfather. The quality will be is still fine, even after decades!

It is a feeling to wear Ray-Bans, a feeling that the brand created perfectly within its creative communication and advertising campaigns. Last but not least, the fantastic and easy memorable slogan “Never Hide” stands for itself.

Ray-Ban Never Hide, Shades, Sunglases

Awesome customer experience on the Ray Ban website: 360 View, Click Here!

Barca-Mes Que Un Club

“Tot el camp, és un clam
som la gent blaugrana
Tant se val d’on venim
si del sud o del nord
ara estem d’acord, ara estem d’acord, 
una bandera ens agermana.

Blaugrana al vent, un crit valent
tenim un nom el sap tothom:
Barça, Barça, Baaarça!”


Football as a Lovemark! It seems to make sense, since all of you have either a certain club in their hearts or know some (male) fanatic, who is loyal to one certain club.  The Football Club Barcelona is certainly one of them, it is not only loved and adored in Barcelona but its popularity goes far beyond the city, the autonomous community of Catalonia and even beyond Spain!

Barca has fans all over the world, people that have never been in Barcelona nor in Spain claim to love the club truthfully. Why? Because Barca plays great football and succeeds in the international football environment and it is just more fun to support a team that wins! But Barca is more than that, Barca fascinates.

  • The players are great characters like Lionel Messi that is one of the greatest football players of all time.
  • The history and tradition represents the Catalan identity and the seeking of independency against the fascistic Franco-regime connects emotionally with all Catalans and with people worldwide.barca_fuente
  • Fun and the party go along with being a Barca fan, such as the catchy songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXd0SKLf5Yo and the great celebrations of victories in Las Ramblas and Canaletes in Barcelona.
  • Celebrities like Shakria are married with the players and get them on stage to their concerts and support them in the stadium.
  • The symbolic colours blaugrana are typical for the team and representative of the Catalan independence movement.
  • Barca merchandise is one of the best marketed football merchandises. You can find the shirts and everything else with the club’s colours all over the city.
  • You will be entertained no matter if in the Club museum or during a game at the Camp Nou stadium.

If you are a fan of Barca, you are part of something big: pride, victory and excellent football.One of Spain’s big Lovemarks.

PS: I hope one special person and all the other Madrileños forgive me to have posted about Barca:) Of course there are more Lovemarks in football, such as Real Madrid, for instance. If you disagree or want to read about another club, you know what to do: Let me know:)

Havaianas-Brazilian Feed

Samba, Colours and Joy! Havaianas come from Brazil, that’s why we love them. The Country Of Origin image is one of the most important competitive advantages of the company. Havaianas sandals own the biggest sandal market share because customers are convinced of the quality and the fashionable emotional value. This is keys of the brand’s success and hard to replicate by its competitors.
Interestingly, the brand charges very low prices for the plastic flip flops in Brazil, where they used to be the foot wear for lower class workers. In the rest of the markets in North America, Europe and Asia, Havaianas are relatively expensive, keeping in mind that they are simple plastic sandals. Nevertheless, the concrete texture that makes the shoes soft and comfortable is hard to copy.

What makes Havaianas a lovemark is that it brings a part of the Brazilian passion & freedom to you and makes your feed happy.

Starbucks-More than expensive Coffee


Starbucks is another brand that provokes bipolarity. There are the Fans that prefer the Starbucks coffee-creations over any other coffee-shop and there are the Haters that consider the coffee as too expensive, the product as not fair traded and the people that actually consume it as stupid.

But fact is that Starbucks created a perfect workplace for the technological depended world nowadays. Its coffee-shops offer a place where you are invited to stay even after you drank your coffee and work with your internet device and the free WiFi. The concept is great and was innovative but now many followers copied and improved it and even offer cheaper prices.
Nevertheless, Starbucks remains still a Lovemark, customers maintain loyal not at least because Starbucks is considered as the “original” one. Entering the office or the University holding a Starbucks plastic cup still goes along with a feeling of business-life and big-city-stlye.